Banana lovers know and feel all the benefits from this tropical fruit. It is packed with nutrients and it is considered as super food as the result of its healing properties. Banana helps in many different ailments from osteoporosis, depression, diabetes, through blindness and morning sickness to kidney cancer.

It is known that the banana can make you smarter because it boosts your brain. In order to prevent and heal various diseases and conditions you should start consuming bananas regularly as a part of your daily diet.

These are the most important health benefits from bananas:

1. If you have problems with the glucose in the blood, bananas can be your solution. They regulate the sugar level in your blood and also help in improving the mood. They are good for depression and PMS.

2. Banana helps in cases of diarrhea and constipation. It is rich in fibers that can help you aid the digestion and improve your overall digestive system.

3. Banana prevents the calcium loss and improves its absorption in the body.

4. Banana is rich in iron which makes it one of the best fighters against anemia. It also improves your blood chart.

5. Banana as we said before, can make you smarter, especially improves your reasoning and cognitive abilities due to the potassium concentration in it. It boosts your brain and it is essential for its activities.

6. Besides your brain, banana boosts your energy levels too. It gives you energy so your body can function more efficiently. So in order to have better results on your work out, take 2 bananas half an hour before practicing.

7. Banana can improve your mood due to the tryptophan concentration and thus fight the depression.

8. Bananas are packed with B6, vitamin that helps at joints inflammation and diabetes type 2. It is very supportive for your nervous system.

9. Regular consumption of bananas can decrease the risk of strokes or heart attacks. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is because of its low sodium content and high potassium level.

10. Due to the improved absorption of calcium your teeth health and your bone health will improve too. Also bananas can stop the kidney stone formation and prevent you from kidney cancer.