No one is excluded when we talk about headaches. Some people experience severe, other mild headaches but however they are very painful, unpleasant and ruin your days. Sometimes they strike just on one side or have an impact over all head leaving you incapable of doing your every day chores.
They all appear from different causes, but can we locate the exact problem at that time? We can really sooth the headache if we now the source of the pain.


This can be possible like with any other pain in the body, with changing some eating habits all the way to their disappearing.

Headaches occur as a result of dietary problems, emotional stress, tension and too much effort. Sometimes they are response of any injury or illness and the most common types are: cluster, migraines and tension headaches.

If your headaches are often and sometimes don’t go away for days and really affect your life you should talk to a doctor who will precede the appropriate treatment.

These kinds of headaches are usually secondary headaches which originate from another health issue and can be dangerous or harmless. Additionally, there are also primary headaches which are painful but not dangerous.

Here we have made a list of the most common headaches, their symptoms and possible treatments.

1. Allergies followed by the sinuses blockage are very common reason for a headache manifested as a pressure in your head. The pain is all over your face and head and you get other symptoms like itchy and wet eyes.

For those who have experienced this during the allergy season the proper treatment is to use cortisone and antihistamine medications prescribed by your doctor.

2. Anxiety and over stress lead to a headache followed by a pain along your forehead.

Think if you are under an emotional stress lately or covered with too much work so you feel anxious, recognize the upcoming headache and try to prevent it on time with some stress management techniques like meditation. Make sure to have a good night sleep and you can easily get over those days.

3. Sinus inflammation is another common reason for painful headache usually felt on your face, in the cheeks and around your eyes. Sometimes it can spread in the forehead too.

This type of headache can be worsening if you don’t treat the sinus infection. The headache will pass away if you treat your sinuses with nasal decongestants and antibiotics for more serious inflammations.

4. Caffeine receding is trigger for a severe pain in your head. This usually happens after a long break of coffee, and usually affects coffee lovers, caffeine addicts so the best prevention treatment is to cut down the daily intake of coffee and caffeinated beverages.

5. Cluster is probably the most painful type of headache appearing around one eye. While the painful moment a facial flushing is also possible but for sure it is followed by watery eyes and nasal congestion.

The cause for the cluster is very hard to tell, it can be genetic or excess smoking. The treatment is with prescribed medication but they are also not the best solution.

6. The most common types of headaches are Tension headaches. They rankle in the back of the head, neck and temples as a result of an emotional or physical stress. Tension headaches are treated with an aspirin or some painkillers. Try to have a rest and relax.

7. Migraine is usually inherited from a member of your family and it characterizes with a severe pain on just one side of the head. It lasts for 3 days and has negative impact on your daily activities. Other signs are sensitivity to noise and light, vomiting and nausea. There are prescribed medications for migraine treatment.

8. Some people experience a disorder called Giant cell arteritis which represents an inflammation of the arteries in the head. This pain is located around temples joined with vision problems.

It can be very serious if not treated properly because it raises the stroke risk and can lead to loss of the vision. Prescribed medications from your doctor are good treatment for this type of headache.

9. TMJ is for Temporomandibular joint, headache caused by the contraction of a muscle in the jaw and temple area followed by a clicking sound. In order to treat it you need to relax the muscles of the jaw.

10. Headaches caused by not having regular meals or by some digestive problems are also common without being aware of the reason. They appear in the forehead and temples.

This is the time when you have to reconsider your eating habits and consult a nutritionist.