Fresh fruits and vegetables are very healthy and contribute to your diet in order to stay fit and maintain your weight. Fresh produce is preventing diseases, cancer and heart issues.

By the publication in 2016 from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, fresh fruits and vegetables have to take 50 percent of your meals. Now, we are presenting a list of 20 fruits and vegetables that we can benefit most from them.

1. Apricot is a powerful antioxidant, boost the immunity and fight the inflammation in the organism. There are studies that showed that apricots are good for ulcer, IBS and kidneys.

While chemo therapy, methotrexate damages the healthy kidney tissue and apricot keeps the kidney healthy from those damages.

2. Avocado slows down the heart and removes hypertension by relaxing the blood vessels, thus keeping the heart safe. It contains healthy fat which is much better than the processed one.

It is also good for diabetes because avocado improves the uptake of glucose in the liver and muscles, thus lowering the issues connected with metabolism.

3. Banana is packed with potassium, vitamins and antioxidants and is beneficial for overall health. People who have heart issues also have deficiency in potassium. Antioxidants from the banana are fighting the free radicals in the blood and prevent damage of cells and immunity.

4. Cantaloupe contains beta- carotene and is great for your vision. Its extract reduces hyperlipidermia at people who eat high fat and is good for diabetes. What is more important, cantaloupe has a great taste.

5. Cucumber contains fisetin, a powerful antioxidant that helps in people with Alzheimer. It improves the analgesia and cognition and also prevents cancer. It is recommended while chemo.

6. Dates improve the immunity; protect the liver from meds, drugs and other chemical damage. They are mighty antioxidants which stop the plaque in the blood vessels.

7. Kale is leafy green vegetable packed with nutrients: vitamins, minerals, probiotics, fiber and carbs. Consume kale in salads or just like crisps.

8. Lemon boosts the immunity and keeps you away from illnesses due to the vitamin C which can be found in great amounts in this citrus. Lemon has anticoagulant properties like the Aspirin and cleans the blood vessels.

9. Pineapple contains iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C in huge amounts. It is used for removing microbes, infections, inflammations and for tissue healing.

10. Watermelon is powerful antioxidant and reduces the chance for cancer and risk of heart issues. Watermelon regulates the oxidation damage too.

11. Apples are already known antioxidants that lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart problems and asthma, all due to the compounds called phytochemicals.

12. Aloe Vera keeps the nerves in your brain in good condition. Centuries ago it was used for swelling and itching and for lowering inflammations.

13. Artichokes are great vegetables for detoxifying the liver from carbon tetrachloride. Artichokes can even cure the liver and reduce the oxidation stress.

14. Blackberries are natural source of tannins, anthocyanin and phenol items. They are antioxidants and capable to kill the Helicobacter pylori. Eating blackberries can make your heart stronger due to their anti- thrombotic properties.

15. Oranges boost the immunity due to the vitamin C; they kill bacteria and viruses and thanks to the lycopene and flavonoids they prevent cancer.

16. Beans contain antioxidants and phenols and are great for removing fatigue.

17. Beets are very useful vegetables, especially for kidneys and kidney injuries.

18. Mango is best to be eaten raw in shakes or fruit salads because it aids obesity, reduces inflammation, diabetes and is full with vitamin C and antioxidants.

19. Broccoli is used for reducing and blocking the cancer cells from spreading. It is great for boosting the immunity and preventing flu.

20. Cabbage is a great ingredient for a healthy veggie salad and it is great for fighting tumors.