Sleeping is essential for our survival because it relaxes us and recharges our bodies after all those stressful moment through the day. Very complex processes are happening while sleeping, the brain is memorizing moments, cells are regenerating and tissues are repairing.

If don’t get enough sleep and all these processes are disturbed then we become cranky without any concentration and if this continues than the serious health consequences occurs.


There are many studies conducted on the things that can happen if we don’t get enough sleep every night.

The results were: serious health disorders starting from heart problems, diabetes and cancer.

Here is a list of six most dangerous health consequences you can get from no sleeping.

1. Diabetes and obesity.

Obesity actually can lead to diabetes due to the lack of sleep. This is happening when the level of fatty acids in the blood slows the metabolism and sugar in the blood can’t be regulated by the insulin. This was the main outline in a research conducted on 19 men by the University of Chicago.

From the results we found out that those men who had only 4 hours of sleep three nights in a row had raised level of fatty acid in the blood up to 30 % more than those who had 8 and a half hours of sleep every night.

This caused insulin resistance which attributes pre diabetes.

2. Cardiovascular issues.

There is a strong correlation between no sleeping and cardiovascular disease. Two thirds of people who had heard attacks had also problems with sleep.

This was the result of a study presented from the European society of cardiology on their annual meeting. Also it was pointed that those men who had sleeping disorder had bigger risk of stroke.

3. Alzheimer disease is one of the most serious consequences of poor sleep. While sleeping the brain is getting rid of the cerebral waste, contrary it will build up in the brain and cause dementia.

Beta- amyloid is a compound which is known as a marker for an Alzheimer’s. In a research conducted on 70 adults, the researchers found out that the lack of sleep results in higher levels of beta- amyloid deposition in the brain.

4. Bowel inflammation.

The sleep deprivation can be a reason for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease as well. This is due to the lack of sleep, essential for curbing the inflammation responses of the digestive system. This also differs if you smoke or drink too much.

5. Prostate cancer.

Those patients who had sleep issues are also connected with cases of prostate cancer by the journal Cancer Epidemiology. This research was conducted on more than 2000 men from Iceland at the age of 67 and older. These issues are result of the high level of melatonin which contributes the aggressive growth of tumor.

6. Suicide in adults.

With the history of depression, patients in middle age and older who suffered from poor sleep too are 1.4 times more likely to commit suicide than those who didn’t have sleeping issues.

This is also connected to the health problems and stress increased with the age.