Aloe Vera is a very sacred plant that was used as a cure for many illnesses in the past and in many medical and cosmetics fields nowadays. The leaves of this plant produce different type of aloe, gel and latex. Aloe gel is extracted from the inner part of the leaf and the latex from the tubules from the outer skin of the leaf.

Sometimes it is very hard to separate gel from latex and that is the reason why latex can be found in some aloe gels; and because latex is used for very strong laxative it is very important aloe gel t be as clean as possible.

Aloe gel is one of the natural products which can be used for and cure a variety of illnesses. It has great results when it comes for the skin problems like irritations, burns and wounds. You can use it as a drink, for internal use, thus it helps for coughs, headaches, ulcers, constipation and cancer.

Aloe Vera is a green plant with small but wide leaves. They are full of gel and because it is very easy to collect it you can grow one at home if you want to.

We can easily bye aloe from supermarkets but when you have it at home is always at the reach of your hand, fresh and organic. And it is very easy to grow it. Aloe needs sun, fertilizers and watering. You can only cut the aloe leaf and collect the gel.

External usage: for wounds and burns healing, wrinkles, itching, rashes, acne and eczema, shaving gel and gel against hair loss.

Internal usage: aloe is great for the immunity and production of white blood cells. It prevents constipation and bloating. You can regulate the blood sugar with the aloe and strength the performance of the urinary tract.

So try to use Aloe Vera as much as you can instead of the expensive medical or cosmetics preparative. It was extremely beneficial in the past as it is now so when you start using it you will see the difference because Aloe Vera is a miracle remedy.