You would never think that this tar looking like substance from Asia is the most nutrient rich thing in the world. It is called Shilajit and it is a part from Asian medicine for more than 2 millenniums. Shilajit can be found seeping from the rocks on Himalayan Mountains.

People who lived there in the past wanted to better understand the nature, whether the plants and rocks are poisonous or safe so they have noticed a group of chimpanzees consuming the black tar. By following their group, results were amazing.


Those chimps in their natural habitat that ate Shilajit were the smartest and strongest and they lived longer than the others of the same age. This made the locals curious so they started to consume it too. Soon they couldn’t believe the outcome: improvement of their general health condition, physical and cognitive abilities.

Based on this traditional saying about Shilajit, researchers has made many scientific experiment and analysis to discover that the Shilajit is extremely rich in natural fulvic and humic acid known as cleaners of heavy metals from the body. In order to understand its origin lets get back from the beginning of its forming.

This process started millions of years ago when the lush vegetation was covering Asia and through the changes in climate and land it was pressed by the mountains. Under monsoons influence and by increasing the pressure the

Himalayan Mountains started to leap this black tar (consisted of more than 6000 species) from its cracks.
The results from the laboratory examinations were stunning. Shilajit is a home of all essential minerals on ionic level which make it extra easy for the body to absorb it.

It is also packed with fatty acids, amino acids and plant sterols very beneficial for the whole endocrine system. Even if the people from the past didn’t know its chemical compounds they could clearly see the benefits of consuming Shilajit.

It can act on different systems at the same time giving your body strength, toughness and endurance. It put the endocrine system in balance and controls the hormonal level. By this it maintains your energy, libido, mood, sleeping cycles, consciousness, hair growth and more, in control. Stress and anxiety will no longer be issue if you use this powerful natural ingredient.

Besides the endocrine system Shilajit has a great palette of acting. It reduces inflammations and pain especially at those who suffer from arthritis. It destroys harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and repairs the ulcerated intestines.

Additionally, Shilajit will help your body to get rid of the heavy metals, fight anemia and allergies and improve your overall health.

So, how to choose the best quality Shilajit? – The one from the Himalayan mountains area is with premium quality but there are other sources from central and western Asia that could provide us with high quality Shilajit. You can find this product on the food stores for healthy living on Amazon.

The most expensive one is the night black resin with a wet and sticky tar texture but with greatest concentration of Shilajit. Less expensive is the powdered version but with less concentration of Shilajit too. Be careful when buying such products because they can contain lab made fulvic and humic acid and less healing properties.

There are also many fake products on the market so don’t fall on the organic versions, because Shilajit cannot be grown it is wild crafted. Here is a list of the best and trustful Shilajit suppliers on line: Pure Himalayan Shilajit, Lotus blooming herbs and Purblack Shilajit.