You have heard that the apple cider vinegar is good for your health, but you probably don’t know the details and its efficiency. Especially, taking the apple cider vinegar before going to bed can be very beneficial to various segments of your life. Read on to find out!

 Apple cider vinegar prevents obesity by stopping the fats to accumulate. The heavier people have more problems with sleep too.

With the help of the pectin this vinegar is reducing the appetite, leaving the brain more satisfied. So put one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and drink it before going to bed.

It will provide a good night sleep and losing some calories.

If you suffer from constant hiccups than take one teaspoon of the apple cider vinegar to stimulate the nerves that cause hiccups.

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial attributes that can be very beneficial if you have a sore throat. It kills the bacteria because it can’t live in an acid environment. So, swallow three table spoons of apple cider vinegar hour and a half before going to bed in sequences of half an hour each.

This vinegar thinners the mucus and cleans the sinuses because of its concentration of potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamins, A, E B1 and B2. Help yourself with your stuffy nose by drinking one tablespoon of ACV mixed in a glass of water before going to sleep.

Some people suffer from leg cramps while sleeping because of the potassium lack in the organism.

Apple cider vinegar is very rich in potassium and can restore the balance while you are sleeping. So it is good to mix 2 table spoons of the vinegar in a cup with warm water before bed to avoid leg cramps.

You can have benefits from the apple cider vinegar in lowering the sugar level in the blood.

Swallow two table spoons of the vinegar before going to bed but be sure to consult your doctor firs if you are taking some diabetes medicaments.

Bacteria can cause a bad smell from your mouth in the morning. In order to eliminate those bacteria and have a fresh breath in the morning drink one table spoon of apple cider vinegar right before going to bed.

The apple cider vinegar has the ability to prevent bloating, reduce the gases and stomach cramps.

So, one table spoon of it in a cup of water can help in this situation.