There are a lot of situation that cause pain in the back. Sitting for a long period of the day in a chair, at work, a lot of people who lift heavy things regularly have it and sometimes you can feel the pain even if you exercise. People usually learn to ignore the back pain or they get some drugs to relief the pain.

But there is simple solution to this problem. 6 stretching exercises will make you feel better in 6 minutes. Finally, you will not feel the back pain and you can do your activities with comfort.

1. As soon as you feel a back pain, stand up and hold to something as high to your waist, you can use a chair, than move back and start slowly bending your head among your arm. Hold this way for a minute and then raise your head.

2. Sometimes your quadriceps is not well stretched so as a result you get a pain in your back. In order to relief from the pain you should lay down on the ground on one side. If you lay on your left side then bend your right knee and grab the right ankle. Now stretch your quadriceps by pulling your leg. Hold it for half minute then do it again with your right side.

3. A very helpful exercise is to lay down with straight legs. Bend your right knee and pull it towards the chest. Hold for half a minute and repeat this stretching with the other leg.

4. Lie on your back and bend your knees so the feet can touch the floor. Put your right leg over the left and turn them to the right side and your body to the opposite side. Do it for 30 seconds and repeat it with the other side.

5. This exercise is good for stretching your hamstrings. You should be lying on the floor with a leg bend. Hold the left leg and raise the right leg as high as you can. Than be still for half a minute. Do it again with the other leg.

6. While you are lying on the floor bend your right knee with foot on the ground. Put the ankle from the left leg over the right leg and push to the front. Do this for half a minute and then switch legs.