Bad breath can be very unpleasant especially if you have every day contact with people. Plague and tartar can also contribute for developing bacteria in your mouth and be source of bad breath too.

The health of your mouth is genuinely important and that is why people try a lot of techniques to maintain it clean, first, because of the dental reasons and second because of the appearance.

We are going to present you a technique which is called oil pulling. This is very efficient ancient technique that includes some natural oils that you have to swish in your mouth in order to improve your oral health.

Thus you will get rid of the bad breath and what is more important kill the bacteria in the mouth cavity. It is beneficial for your gums and teeth too because it works like a whitener.

A lot of people have tried this oil pulling technique and had many benefits from this method. Some claim that it improves the skin condition, deals with hormonal imbalance, treats infections, and helps in headaches and even asthma issues.

Besides all these extra benefits its main purpose is to remove the plaque and tartar and freshen up your breath permanently.

How to do it?

It is very easy to accomplish this only with oil pulling method. Pick your favorite oil, olive, coconut or sesame and put couple of teaspoons of it in your mouth, swishing it around.

After 15- 20 minutes spit out the oil and wash your mouth with water. Repeat this step every morning or evening, before going to bed and you will be amazed by the results.

This will maybe seems impossible at the beginning but eventually you will use to it very fast. While swishing in your mouth the oil will change its texture and become milky and thick to creamy at the end. After this brush your teeth as you regularly do.

It is that easy and simple, so try it right now and improve your mouth health and say goodbye to bad breath once and for all.