Have you ever wondered what the chef’s secret ingredient is in that extra delicious stew? It is the bay leaf, a very aromatic herb with green color, responsible for that subtle and memorable taste of your dish.

Bay leaves are also good for your health because of their main properties, slow aging and detoxifying. People use it for respiratory issues, heart problems and to cure bacterial infections.

Here’s a list of all benefits you can have from this powerful herb:

1. If you burn a bay leaf it will start to vapor and release calming and psychedelic chemicals. It won’t make you sleep; contrary it will keep you awake but completely relaxed.

It is great for fatigue and anxiety. Light couple of bay leaves in the way incense is lightened and breathe the vapor to fall in a relaxed state of mind.

2. Bay leaves, whether fresh or dried or as an oil are very good stimulants for the respiratory passages. By inhaling the steam from the bay leaves you can remove the mucus and phlegm from the lungs.

If you want to treat asthma or allergies just massage the bay leaves oil on your chest.

3. In order to fight dandruff add couple of bay leaves oil drops in your shampoo or make a warm wrap treatment. For this you need to mix bay leaf oil with warm jojoba oil. Massage your scalp and wrap it with a towel for half an hour.

4. Consuming only 3 grams of bay leaves a day can be an effective treatment for diabetes type 2. It will increase the glucose levels and prevent diabetes. This was shown in the study conducted by the Center for Human Nutrition Research in Beltsville.

5. Bay leaves are also good for urinary infections. There is a remedy used for hundred years as an effective cure for urinary infections. Mix some powdered bay leaves in a glass of milk to treat this infections.

6. If you include bay leaves in your meals you will improve the digestion and secretion of the enzymes, bile and digestive juices. You can achieve this also by rubbing bay leaf oil onto your stomach after eating.

7. Bay leaves contain a compound called caffeic acid. It is good for strengthening the walls of capillary in the heart and protecting your cardiovascular system by eliminating the bad cholesterol from your blood.

Search for a very healthy recipe made of salmon and bay leaves.

8. In order to relieve the pain in your joints rub some essential oil from the bay leaves and the effect will be as efficient as having morphine or any other anti- inflammatory drug.

Bay leaves are very easy accessible and cheap. So don’t forget to include them in your next shopping list, stew, soup or salad. They are miraculous herbs.