Lemons are one of the easiest citrus fruits to be planted in the comfort of your home. There are many advantages to have lemon tree at your house like: you will always have a supply of it, you will be able to tell the difference between the organic one and those from the supermarkets and you will give your body always fresh and chemicals free lemons.

So if you have already determined space for this plant here are some tips on how to grow a lemon from a baby tree.


1. For the ultimate results, we advise you to buy a lemon tree that is 2 years old.

2. Second, purchase a clay pot with holes at the bottom, have in mind that the lemon tree will become larger with the time so if you don’t want to replant it later then take a pot about 15 inches in depth and 20 inches in width.

Cover the drainage container with stones in order to support the flow of the air.

3. Get a special soil for citruses and pour it in the clay pot so you can expect better results. Plant the baby lemon tree and move it in a bright and sunny spot where it can get sunlight about 10 hours a day.

Remember to water it regularly. It usually takes 8 months for lemons to be ready for picking. You will know when you see the color.

-There is other opportunity too, you can grow a lemon tree from seeds in a completely organic way.

Follow these steps for the best results.

You will need: indoor place exposed to sunlight, if not you will have to get a grow lamp, seedling pot that is 12 inches in depth and 24 inches in width, a planting clay pot and natural fertilizers for the soil.

Now when you have all you need to plant lemon seeds you are ready to start.

1. First you will need to water the potting soil in a smaller pot. Then, cut one lemon in half and take the seeds out and squeeze the halves until the pulp.

2. Don’t wait the seeds to dry, burry them in the soil while they are still wet about half inch deep.

Now moisturize the soil with water from a spray bottle. Put a plastic foil over the pot and be sure it is tight well. Make couple of holes on the plastic wrap with a pen and place it in a warm and bright spot.

3. Moisturize the soil without letting it dry. After 15 days you will notice the first sprout. Take off the plastic foil and continue to take care about the plant by supplementing it with enough light, moist and organic fertilizer.

Keep it safe from bugs or any disease and prune off the dead leaves.

4. When you notice that your lemon tree is growing larger then it is time to re- plant it in bigger pot. The procedure is pretty much the same just have in mind to water it regularly.