It’s a life saving tip to know that those with blood type 0 can donate blood to all other blood groups but they can receive only from their blood type. The erythrocytes from blood type 0 cannot destroy somebody’s blood.

People who belong to this blood type have very high energy which makes them productive and powerful.


They have great leading abilities and can stay focused on things longer than the others.

The bad side of the members with blood type 0 is that they are very keen on diseases.

The most common ailments for those people are low thyroid hormones level, dysfunction of the thyroid, ulcers and deficiency of iodine.

They are prone to excessive body weight or water retention as consequences of those diseases.

As a personality, people with blood type 0 are considered to be dedicated, practical, responsible, organized and focused.

They have great logic abilities but sometimes they are impulsive and hyperactive.

People with blood type 0 usually have problems with some metabolic processes like insulin resistance and function of the thyroid gland. This is due to the lack of physical activity.

These people should avoid alcohol and caffeine and immediately go to the gym at least 3 times a week.