Fluoride recently has become one of the main topics when it comes to health care. Experts alert the population about its negative effects on human health. Some people say that fluoride is good for dental purposes but the opposite was proven lately. We can find fluoride in the bottled water.

Fluoride has negative impact on our nervous system and damages the dental tissue. You can find fluoride in beverages based on water too. So it is very important to know all the negative effects that fluoride causes to your body.

The most common side effect is fluorosis. This type of disorder attacks the teeth and cause malformations in the dental cavity. It occurs in the first eight years of a person’s life when the teeth are directed to formation and growth.

You will recognize fluorosis by the following symptoms: teeth stains, cavity, distorted tooth growth and even lower IQ. There’s a survey made in China that proved that those children who were using products with fluoride had low IQ results in contrary to those children who were less exposed to fluoride products.

By some scientists, fluoride goes along with mercury, lead and some other substances that have poisonous characteristics so it could lead do some serious brain damages.

Nowadays when we can read and learn a lot about leading a healthy lifestyle, we can also choose which healthy products to buy.

When you go shopping always look for fluoride free bottled water.