There is a potent compound in the broccoli called sulforaphane which represents a key factor for fixing the damage made by diabetes on the blood vessels. 

You have to know that if you don’t treat diabetes, it could make harm on the vessels and damage your brain. Diabetes affects many people around the world. For instance 5% of the people in Europe have diabetes type 1 or 2.


In type 1 diabetes, patients must take insulin and in type 2, they don’t take insulin but have certain type of eating regimen.

So, patients with diabetes type 1 should consult their doctors before taking anything out of their therapy.

The following recipe for treating diabetes will significantly lower the level of sugar in the blood. You just have to be persistent and consume it regularly on daily basis for 3 weeks.

Before you start this treatment, you ought to have a week liver cleaning diet and then to continue with the broccoli method.

This method is actually an invention of Doctor Anderson, explorer from America.

Start your day with boiling half kilo of broccoli in a liter of water for 5 minutes.

Then strain the vegetable and drink the half of the water on empty stomach. Leave the other half after dinner. Eat the broccoli for lunch sprinkled with some cinnamon.

Enjoy your meals and recommend this article to your friends if they have diabetes.