Buddha’s hand is a very strange name for a plant, right!? It is actually a fruit, not quite known among us because it is drown only in China and India. Its production is not massive, so no wonder it is not on the regular offer in the markets.

It is yellow in color with citrus flavor similar to mandarins and pomelos and got its name by its shape. Citrus medica as scientists call it looks like a hand with many long fingers which were inspiration for the public name.


Buddha’s hand is free of seeds and it is not that juicy, because of its bitter pulp it wasn’t regular part of the meals but it has been un-separated part of the Buddhists’ religious ceremonies. Besides the medicine characteristics, it is used for making citrusy perfumes.

Buddha’s hand has powerful properties which are beneficial for our health. Its main focus of healing is boosting the immunity and additionally is used for reducing pain and inflammation, reducing high blood pressure, helps with respiratory problems, menstrual pain and gastrointestinal issues.

Here is how it acts and helps us:

1. Buddha’s hand main use for a millennium was pain killer. Its powerful compounds diosmin, coumarin and limonin are able to relieve pain and soothe swelling. It is efficient in healing wounds and injuries, bruises and even surgery wounds.

2. Buddha’s hand speeds up the recovery of flu and common cold and it is a great prevention of season illnesses because it strengthens up the immunity. It is best to be eaten fresh because its polysaccharides stimulate the macrophages thus enhancing the immune system.

3. This fruit is very effective for respiratory issues such as coughing caused by phlegm. It can quickly heal you without feeling any pain. To get the best of it soak the Buddha’s hand in sugar and water before use.

4. Regular consumption of Buddha’s hand will improve the digestion and encourage excretion production what makes it great natural remedy for bloating, diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach and cramping.

5. Many women are facing with painful menstrual periods followed by mood swings, cramps and bleeding. Ladies, maybe this is your answer. It had great results for centuries so nowadays it is also used from women in these cultures as a perfect cure for the menstrual discomfort.

6. Buddha’s hand alcohol extract has relaxing effect on blood vessels acting like a vasodilator. In this way the blood pressure is calming down but the circulation is increasing. It means that this fruit reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks.