All kinds of nuts are good for us but cashews are standing out of this group as extraordinary natural medicine against depression. There aren’t many studies about cashews, but the existing ones agree about their great properties.

Cashews are grown in Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania and some other places where the climate is hot and humid.


They are very nutritious and rich in precious amino acids. The main amino acid in great amounts found in cashews is Tryptophan. This is essential for depression, anxiety, nervousness and for good night sleep. It is especially important for kids’ health.

The recommended dose of tryptophan in the prescribed antidepressants is around 1,500 mg. That’s exactly the right amount of this amino acid in 2 handfuls of cashews. The great thing is that they are natural, tasty and without any side effects and probably the best medicine for depression found in nature. Here is a list of the rest of its benefits:

1. Cashews contain fatty acids called Oleic and Palmitoleic, excellent for maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system. They help lowering the level of the bad cholesterol and in the same time putting in balance the good one.

These monounsaturated fats will prevent you from strokes and heart attacks too.

2. Cashews are not perfect when you’re dieting in order to lose some weight. They are packed with calories, 550 in only 100 grams of cashews. But their content of phytochemicals, minerals, fibers and vitamins will help you fight many diseases.

3. Fifty grams of cashews are enough to supply your body with magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, selenium and copper thus preventing their deficiency.

Selenium’s roll is to provide reinforcement of the cells which makes it an imperative compound of the anti- cancer products. Zinc is needed for improvement of gonad capacity and DNA union. Cooper is responsible for collagen formation and to improve the iron absorption.

4. Cashews contain about 30 percent of the daily recommended dose of vitamin B6, B5 (pantotheic acid), riboflavin and B11 known as thiamin. All of these vitamins regulate the metabolism and prevent anemia. Pellagra and dermatitis can occur if there is a lack of niacin in the organism.

5. Cashews can provide the retinal macula with zeaxanthin, essential antioxidant that protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and prevent macular degeneration.

Be careful if you are allergic to almonds, walnuts or peanuts, you may be allergic to cashew too. Its allergic reactions are same as with the other nuts so stop consuming cashews if you notice some allergy symptoms.