We usually use celery for cooking adding it in soups or stews to enrich their taste. Its dark green stalks are packed with nutrients which are very beneficial for our health. This crunchy veggie is extremely rich in vitamins and antioxidants, full with water and many other compounds which put it high on the list of super foods.

You just simply need to include it in your every day menus and to consume it fresh in smoothies, salads or dressings and you will notice great improvement first with your eyesight and skin.


Expect many positive results when consuming celery, your body will be grateful and relieved from toxins.

Down here you can read more about its great characteristics and health benefits we will get if we include more celery into our everyday eating regimen.

– Celery has anti inflammatory properties thanks to the polysaccharides which are non starch types and great concentration of antioxidants. This is a great combination in the war against cancer, arthritis and ulcerative colitis.

It aids the digestion process and metabolism. Celery prevents Crohn’s disease and other inflammation in our bodies.

– Celery is rich in water concentration and it is packed with natural electrolytes. This will hydrate your body and keep the body temperature in normal level.

– Celery is abundant in antioxidants especially flavonoids, Iunularin and vitamin K all capable to repair damages in the cells and help our bodies fight against free radicals. They heel and protect blood vessels too and lower the high blood pressure.

– Celery is great in prevention of ulcers in the small intestine or stomach with the help of ethanol extract present in this vegetable. It is excellent for whole digestive tract because celery encourages the gastric mucus to be secreted in the stomach and stop the ulcers from growing.

– Celery lowers the acid level in urine and helps in prevention of infections in the urinary tract. It’s a precious vegetable when we talk about cleaning bacterial infections from the digestive and reproductive tract.

– Celery should be always on your shopping list because it is extremely healthy with almost no calories and will help you in the process of losing weight.

It will supply your body with minerals and vitamins and will give you a feeling of fullness. It is healthy snack good for your metabolism. Additionally, celery will reduce the bad cholesterol level and build up fat.