Cilantro is an herb that we use in the kitchen for making stews and soups due to its nice aroma. Besides that cilantro is a powerful herb that can heal any kind of problems with the kidneys, liver or pancreas.

It has potent medicinal properties and is packed with essential oils and vitamins C, E, B and K.


Due to its essential oils, digestive system can be put in great function and many further problems can be prevented.

These are cilantro’s health benefits:

– It is considered to be a mighty diuretic

– Helps in cases of kidney stones

– Improves digestion

– Stimulating the function of the liver is one of its main characteristics

– Regulates the level of the blood sugar

– It is used in prevention of conjunctivitis

– Treats mouth ulcers

– It is used in treatment of constipation and diarrhea

– It is efficient in eliminating the excess fat from the body

Cilantros benefits to your health are amazing so start using it every day in your meals, fresh in salads, smoothies and enjoy its benefits to overall health.