Kidneys come in pair and they are situated in the lower back area on both sides of the body. Their function is to filter and eliminate the toxins from the body fluids.

Their work is very important because the kidneys flash out all the harmful bacteria threatening our health. But, sad to say, within the time they are becoming worn out and are not capable of doing the same function as successful as previous.


There are many factors responsible for the kidney dysfunction which can lead to other serious health issues.

So it is always important to clean the kidneys in a natural and safe way. Now, we are going to present a completely natural remedy which will keep your kidneys clean and in great state.

The porpoise of this remedy is to cleanse, detoxify and maintain the proper function of kidneys. It is completely based on avocado leaves extraction.

All you need for four days dose is 7 fresh leaves from avocado and 2 liters of distilled water.

How to prepare it:

Put the avocado leaves in the distilled water and boil them for 15 minutes. Then remove the pot and let it cool off.

For the best results consume one cup in the morning and one before going to bed.

You will notice the improvements right after the first dose, especially people who suffer from kidney disease will be very satisfied from the results.