Before reading this text be sure that it isn’t about hard exercising or drinking some mixtures, it is all about cleaning your body by starting some new healthy and simple habits that won’t take a lot of time to integrate in your life.

1. Drinking water is essential for you. It is a big deal because it helps the digestion processes, maintains the normal temperature of the body and supports the joints. It has vital importance for every cell and organs to work properly.

It is very available so you don’t have any excuse not to drink it. Always have a bottle of water in your bag, on the desk and drink it through the day. In order to stay hydrated 24 hours, start drinking water the first thing in the morning.

Sometimes flavoring it with some lemon will simply make you drink more. Consume food that is rich in water like watermelon, cucumber, celery and grapes.

2. Meditate about 15 minutes a day to rest your brain. Meditation in silence can help you reduce the high blood pressure and pain, relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety, help you to quit smoking and cure insomnia.

So, turn off the TV or cell phone, put yourself in a comfortable position and calm down.

3. The leaves of dandelion flower are green and great source of vitamins C and A, calcium, iron and antioxidants. They are almost free of calories and perfect to cleanse the kidneys and liver. You can simply add couple of the dandelion greens in your smoothie.

4. In order to enhance the work of the lymphatic system we need to practice light aerobic exercises like jumping on the trampoline and skipping rope. This is important because the lymphatic system protects our bodies from microorganisms and cancer cells.

Dry brushing is a great technique that you can do to improve the elimination of the waste cells. All you need is soft brush. To do this right, gently rub your skin from toes and upwards towards the heart with circular movements.

3 minutes in the morning are enough this technique to become your daily routine. After this Hydrotherapy shower will complete the results. You can expect improvement in the immunity, circulation, increased endorphin and injured tissues.

-All you need to do while having a shower is to change the temperature of the water from hot to cold, 1 minute hot and half minute cold water. It can be shocking but soon you will adjust the changes. Do not forget to finish your bath with cold water.

Warning! Hydrotherapy is not for people suffering from the following health issues:

– Cardiovascular problems, diabetes, pregnancy, asthma, thrombosis, Reynaud’s syndrome and autoimmune disease.

5. Qigong exercising for 10 minutes a day will relieve your anxiety and improve mental productivity. The philosophy of this ancient Chinese technique is all about vital energy and life force.

6. Stretching is important for your muscles and joints to be in good shape. So try to find little time for this during your day and you will enjoy the benefits of this technique.

7. Bone broth shouldn’t be just on your grandma’s menu. You should eat it regularly because it is very rich in nutrients and minerals, plus extremely beneficial for whole digestive system and improves your mood.

Here you can find an excellent recipe for very delicious beef bone broth:

You need:

– 4 pounds marrowbone from beef meat
– 2 onions (medium-sized)
– 5 garlic cloves
– 5 carrots (medium- sized)
– 3 small bay leaves
– 2 handfuls of chopped parsley
– 4 chopped celery stalks
-1 handful thyme
– Pepper, salt and apple cider vinegar
– 4 liters of water

How to prepare the bone broth:

Put all ingredients in a huge crock pot and cover them with water. Boil the mixture and once it boils lower the heat and keeps it on simmering point for 24 hours. Occasionally remove the fat from the surface. When everything is well cooked just strain it in a bowl and let it cool. You can also store it in a freezer for three months.

8. Shut off all negative news including the news on TV because like every other industry they are created for selling stories and making money, so by turning them off you will protect yourself from their negative impact on you. Instead, turn on your radio and enjoy the music therapy which will restore your emotional, physical and mental health.

9. Ultrasound is not just word used for monitoring the unborn babies; it is a word for a therapy which will relieve your stress without any special machines. You can find on the internet some healing sounds music which will improve your senses and open up your mind.

10. Pet therapy is always a good idea because animals can help you feel the unconditional love, educate you and make you free of stress. Being a friend with a pet can make you aware about the morals, values, attitudes and behavior. Adopt a pet and you will always have someone to cuddle or talk to at the end of stressful day.

11. Steam therapy is the most efficient and very old technique for unclogging the sinuses. Every person has 4 sinus chambers in the face bone used for filtering the air we breathe. Sinus membrane produces mucus and when there are some difficulties in processing it then they got clogged.

In order to feel better and remove the symptoms it is best to boil some water and lean you head over the steam. For better results cover your head with a towel. Breathe in the hot air until the water is steaming and in short time your sinuses will be clean.

12. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy in order to relax you, improve your mood and soothe any pain. Use them by rubbing on the skin close to the affected area and enjoy their aroma which will instantly make you feel better.

13. Bath with Epsom salts will maintain the magnesium level in balance. This mineral is essential for the overall health because it regulates more than 320 enzymes and many other functions in your body. Treat yourself with an Epsom salt bath at least once a week and enjoy its benefits.