Due to a fast way of life, bad eating habits, high level of stress, the level of cholesterol rises. When its level is higher than 240 mg/dL the situation with your health is very serious.

Many people have high blood pressure and their arteries are blocked. If not treated it could be fatal.

In addition you will find out how to prepare a very efficient remedy that will help you clean your arteries, lower your blood pressure and take your cholesterol level to normal.


– 1kg. lemons
– 10 gr. sodium bicarbonate
– 5 bunches of parsley
– 3 liters of water.

First wash the lemons and put them in the pot. Then add the soda in the warm water and mix. Turn on the stove. Cut the parsley and put it in the water.

Let the mixture boil about two hours and a half. When it is ready and cold colander it in a jar or bottle made of glass and store it in the fridge.

Take 4 spoons of the syrup every morning right after you get up, before breakfast for 3 weeks.