Your body maintains its health by cleaning the toxins through the skin including the skin on the face and scalp. The glands, right under the skin pores are called sebaceous glands which produce sebum, a natural oil that retains the dead skin cells. In the process of releasing those dead cells, the result can be bad.

Usually there is a clogging of the pores and the situation can be worsen by additional clogging caused by bacteria, dirt, make up, hormonal changes, pollution and some other oils.

It is essential to regularly clean the skin in order to unclog the pores and prevent the irritation, acne which can transfer to chronic acne or other skin problems.

But, there are some daily habits that also contribute to clogged pores and even if they seem meaningless they have very bad influence on your skin. I understand that habits are very hard to be broken but when it comes to your health and appearance, maybe it’s time to change something in your lifestyle and gain more confidence with clean and beautiful skin.

These are the worst habits that clog your pores, forget about them!

1. Hands on your face

One of the most common bad habits which greatly affect your skin is frequently touching the face. Little breakouts can be cased if you are resting the hand on your chicks when you are reading.

Minimize this habit to only necessary touching your face only with clean hands when you have to wash it or put some cosmetics. Hands stick all kinds of bacteria, dirt, viruses, allergens, grease and other filth. So, by frequently touching your face with such hands, your pores will certainly clog.

The first step to help your self is to wash your hands very often and every time you want to touch your skin, tell yourself not to do that. You can also ask your friends, relatives or colleagues to remind you not touching your face every time they see you do this unconsciously.

2. Exposure to sun and sun protection products

Sunbathing all day at the beach is not recommended because it can cause serious damage to your skin. I know it is fun spending your holiday by the sea but always stay in shadow during the heat, in contrary your skin will wrinkle, pores will become larger and you can get melanoma.

Even sunscreen products cannot fully protect your skin from the sun because they have pore blocking ability which damages the skin.

So remember to choose oil free sunscreen with active ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc and stay as less as you can on direct sunlight.

3. Cigarettes

We all know that smoking is a great enemy to your overall health and it is one of the main causes for lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It affects non smokers too and causes damage to the skin. Discoloration is the first visible sign followed by clogged pores and dullness. Psoriasis is very serious skin condition that you can get if you continue smoking.

So don’t postpone the quitting, today is the time to bring back the liveliness to your skin and protect the general health! Ask for help from people around you or quitting experts.

4. Dirty Bedware

Sleeping is essential for the whole organism to rest including skin. During the night the skin breaths so it is important your shits and pillows to be clean because the pillow cases and bed shits collect the dead skin, dirt and oil which can be absorbed again by the pores during the sleep. This way the pores will clog and it is very likely to wake up with blemishes or acne on your face.

In order to avoid irritation on your skin change your bedware every week or more often if you are keen on clogged pores. Intend to wash the bedware with hypoallergenic and organic detergents in order to protect your skin from other chemical irritators.

5. Cell phones

Do you leave your phone on table in public places, toilets, hospital desks or touch it with dirty hands? Then all that sticks to your face when talking to somebody. Can you imagine how that bacteria and dirt glue to the skin? This definitely will clog your pores and additionally cause irritation on the face.

We can’t imagine our lives without cell phones but we can do something to protect our skin from them. At the beginning, always keep your phone in a special case in your pursue away from the money, keys and 9other stuff. Clean it after every conversation if possible and finally switch to hands- free.

6. Avoiding exfoliation of the skin

Besides washing your face regularly you have to exfoliate your face at least every 7 days. If you don’t do this than just washing your face will be meaningless and there will be a great chance to get skin issues like acne or clogged pores.

Besides this the process of exfoliation allows the moisturizers and other care products to get deeper in the skin and enlarge their effectiveness. Exfoliate your skin with gentle movements and if your skin is dry repeat it once a week and if you have oily skin do it 2 times a week. This way your pores will shrink and clogging will be avoided.

7. Sleeping or exercising with make up on

You are exhausted after long day at work or great night out and all you need is your bed. Really, are you going to sleep without washing your face from all that cosmetics?

Do you know what will happen if so? Your skin won’t be able to breathe and you will wake up with couple of problems like chapped lips, dry skin, eye infection, acne, wrinkles and other.

So remember that 5 minutes more in the evening will save great effort in the morning. Also remember to clean your face and wash the make up every time you go to the gym or exercising at home because when you are sweating and wearing make up at the same time can result in clogged pores, blackheads or breakouts due to the bacteria and sweat trapped in pores. Additionally, take a shower after workout to clean your body and face from them.

Note: Have frequent showers but dot use hot water, instead you can wash with lukewarm water to save the natural oils that your body produces and keep all the moisture on the skin. Never let the conditioner on your hair for longer because it can also clog the pores on the face.

8. Unsuitable beauty products

Always buy beauty and cosmetics products suitable for your skin types and not recommended by your friends, because every person have different skin needs. Be aware about the ingredients they are made of and don’t buy those which contain dangerous chemicals. Also waterproof make up will contribute clogging the pores and creating acne and blemishes.

Note: Often wash your make up brushes too.