Do you have a favorite coffee mug or glass for water? What material is it made of? Maybe you think it doesn’t matter but actually it does. Mugs or any dishware made of copper will really make changes in your life.

Copper jars, goblets and jewelry were part of everyday live in the ancient Egypt. They believed that cooper had medicinal power which is scientifically proved now. Copper’s main characteristic is to destroy harmful bacteria.


Although cooper is a heavy metal it is completely safe for the body if consumed in very small amounts. It won’t do any harm if drink water from a copper mug only 4 times weekly. Even if it seems mean less it can make significant improvement on your health condition.

Additionally you will find the general benefits of copper. It is important to mention that ancient Egyptians and people from India stored water in copper vessels so the water gets clean and fresh for drinking and now it is scientifically supported that copper in small quantity is good for the physical health.

Here are eight things that copper will do for you:

  1. Cooper stimulates brain functions to work faster in days when you feel slow. It works by encouraging production of myelin sheaths which allow synapses in the nervous system to jump very fast from one point to another.
  2. Have you noticed how copper oxidizes in touch with the skin? It turns your hand and itself green. This is actually good treatment for pain in joints because cooper helps in gristle forming which makes it good for arthritis, swollen and sore joints.
  3. Copper in small quantities is very beneficial for the whole digestive system because it can destroy the harmful microorganisms that cause upset stomach and preserve only the good bacteria. It aids the digestion by stimulating the muscles to contract more and to remove the waste faster through the intestines.
  4. Copper in a shape of supplement is able to improve the cardiovascular health by reducing plaque from the arteries and blood vessels thus preventing blockages.
  5. People who suffer from hyper or hypothyroidism should be aware for the copper deficiency in the organism. This is one of the main things that body need in such conditions to function normally. By consuming copper in the recommended doses you will put the mood and weight changes and hormonal functions under control to feel better.
  6. Copper increases the melanin production which means that it will slow down the graying of the hair and additionally encourage its growth. It helps in strengthening the follicles and the hair itself. It is particularly beneficial for people who lost their hair during the chemotherapy.
  7. Copper supports the collagen production too which along with the melanin will make your skin smoother and more elastic.
  8. Even if it isn’t scientifically proved but Vedic people from India claim that copper is good for the spleen and liver’s health.