Since you were younger the people around you used to tell you that you shouldn’t crack your knuckles because when you grow older you will have pain in your joints. But you still didn’t stop doing that cracking. 

Then you belong to the group of people who loves cracking the knuckles, and there is another group that always complains they shudder when they hear the sound of popping joints. So, after a long debate about this topic we have finally got the answer.

What did the science say about this?

In your body, two bones are connected with joint and attached to it with ligaments. So every time you crack your fingers, the bones separate from the joint, which remains under a pressure.

Inside your joints there are fluids containing gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen which are released from the joints when the pressure reduces. This bubble made of gasses makes the sound like popping which irritates the people around you.

This is what is happening for instance when you climb up or down the stairs, and you probably like that sound following the stretches of your fingers. But as we all age, our bodies start to change and we experience pain in the joints and muscle cramps.

But have you noticed that after cracking your knuckles you can move the fingers easily?

Yes, this is explained and confirmed by the radiologist Dr. Boutin from the Davis University in California.

He stated that in this situation your fingers have wider range of movements because the pressure in the joints is reduced and the bones become more resilient.

So, the cracking of knuckles is bad for you just as a bad habit and nothing more. There are no evidences that this can cause arthritis, inflammation or any other serious damage to your health.

This is the right time to tell everyone who was concerned about your health that your bad habit doesn’t cause any degeneration in the joints.

But always have in mind that there are still people who hate that infamous popping sound and believe in those stories.