If you are looking for a food that has the best effect on preventing some of the most serious health problems like strokes, heart attacks, hypertension or high cholesterol levels than you should read this article to find out about the benefits of the Dates.

Dates are very nutritious and can help to prevent many problems with your health in no time. They speed up the metabolism so we recommend you to include them in your daily diet in order to stay healthy.

Healthy benefits from the dates

Dates contain huge amounts of iron.

Iron is essential for children, pregnant women and of course people who suffer from anemia. Iron is useful because it helps the flow of the oxygen through the blood and it is the main support for the red blood cells and hemoglobin.

A hundred grams of dates contain 0.9 mg of iron which is about 11 percent of the recommended dose on daily bases. So it is very important to take at least 100 grams of dates every day to contribute the intake of iron in your organism.

Dates against diarrhea

The most important mineral that prevents diarrhea is potassium. Dates are rich in potassium which stimulates the good bacteria in the flora of the stomach and relives the intestines.

Dates help in case of constipation

Put the dates in water to rest over night than drink the water in the morning and this way you will improve the digestion. This will have mild laxative effect on your metabolism.

Control your body weight with dates

Dates are rich in sugar and you have to be careful when you include them in your diet. Dates have no cholesterol at all so it is very good to take them in the morning on an empty stomach to satisfy your sugar needs and to control your body weight.

Dates fight the cholesterol

Dates clean the blood vessels and regulate the unhealthy cholesterol (LDL). They are also useful in preventing the blood clots.

Strengthen your heart with dates

Put the dates in a small pot and cover them with water. In the morning remove the water and blend the dates with the seeds. Consume them this way in order to help your heart be strong.

Regulate your blood pressure with dates

If you suffer from high blood pressure you should eat a lot of dates because they do not contain sodium but are very rich in potassium and magnesium. Approximately in 6 dates there is a concentration of 80 mg. of magnesium which is very important in regulating the flow of blood. Around 370 mg of magnesium are enough to decrease the blood pressure.

Dates prevent strokes

400 mg of potassium on a daily bases are enough to prevent strokes. As we have already written in this article, dates are very rich in potassium which remarkably improves the nervous system and keeps you safe from any kinds of strokes.