Honey is a great source of energy, full of vitamins and minerals. It is busting your immune system as the most nutritional gift from the nature. The real, natural honey is made of 100 % pure honey and 0% water, no sugar, starch or colors and only in this way it can be beneficial to your health.

But in order to lower the price, manufacturers produce a fake honey and with misleading advertisement make people think that every honey is the pure one. In fact, with changing the structure and adding numerous chemical substances in the production of honey, the price is lowered as same as the honey quality.

76 % of honey in the markets has been under ultra filtration, a process of removing wax and pollen consisted in honey. Manufacturers say that this process of filltration is essential in order to extend the duration date of the honey. But pollen is the crucial substance in the honey and busts our bodies.

Also it is very important to know where the honey comes from in order to know whether it is contaminated. With these processes of filtration it is very hard to tell the geographical origin. For example, a honey from China is usually full of medicaments such as antibiotics, metal and its exact origin becomes unknown after the process of filtration.

The honey poor with pollen or pollen free is usually found and sold

1.at Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacy;
2. at fast food chains.
3. at big supermarkets.

Always read the label first. Manufacturers should tell the ingredients contained in the honey. If there is so, it should be marked on the package especially the concentration of real honey if it exists in the product.

How to know which honey is the Fake one

-The real honey will turn into crystals if it’s kept in the fridge. The fake honey will stay liquid as syrup no matter the time.

-Deep phosphorus matches in honey and try to burn. The real honey will let the match burn. The fake honey contains water so it won’t let the match burn.

-Put some water in a glass and add 1 spoon of honey. A real honey will fall at the bottom and the fake one will dissolve in the water.

-Put some honey near the ants. If the honey is pure the ants won’t touch it. Bees instinctively make their hives in the trees inlaid with honey to protect from ants.

-Put two or three spoons of honey in the microwave oven and heat it on high temperature. The real honey will caramelize and the industrial honey will look like foam with bubbles. Always have in mind that if you want to have all the benefits from the honey, you must purchase the pure, natural honey which contains pollen.