Diabetes can be controlled by consuming the right foods and all diabetics are familiar with the rule not to eat food rich in sugar. But very often the food that we have thought that is healthy appears to be high in sugar and fat.

There are many products on the market that contain high level of carbs, sugar and fats that we are not aware about it.

Here is a list of the foods that diabetics must give up.

– Mexican food or particularly Nachos are very high in calories about 800 per serving, plus 40 grams of carbs and 60 grams of fats. It is forbidden as a part of your eating regimen if you have diabetes.

-Hamburger according to the American heart association contains high level of saturated fats and directly affects your cholesterol level. It is favorite food to many people so you don’t have to quit it completely, just have in mind its nutritional value.

– Frozen pizza can be very dangerous to your health if you are diabetic. It is very high in calories just like the commercially made one. But you don’t have to buy it, you can quickly make it at home with the ingredients that you are recommended to consume.

– Dried fruit is better to be consumed than any sweets or cookies, but not for people with diabetes. Dried fruit contains a lot of sugar which will drastically increase the level of sugar in your blood. Instead dried fruits you can eat strawberries or grapefruit in order to satisfy the need for something sweet.

– White flour products and white rice contain high level of carbs which tight with the glucose in the blood and that is the reason why diabetics should always take care about the amount of carbs they consume every day. They must avoid bread, pasta and rice or replace them with brown rice, oatmeal and whole grain products.

– Dairy products with full fat contain are raising the cholesterol level due to their saturated fats thus increasing the insulin resistance. Choose the fat free dairy products and remember to quit the ice cream, Greek yoghurt and cream cheese.

– Drinking flavored water shouldn’t be an option for diabetics because a whole bottle of it contains sugar which will have negative impact to your health.

– Sweet and sour Chinese food is actually bad for people who suffer from diabetes. This kind of Chinese food keeps the sugar in your blood in high level because of the sodium and carbs.

– Avoid fatty meat in order to prevent the rise of cholesterol. Consume proteins but make sure they are healthy ones like proteins from fresh fish, lean beef, chicken and turkey.

– Doughnuts and pastries like muffins are rich in sugar, fats and carbs plus white flour and sodium. If you cannot resist them try to make them in your kitchen with healthier ingredients.

– Potato chips and fries especially from the restaurants contain high amounts of trans fats whose intake is also limited for diabetics. Generally fried food is not a good option for them.

– Bananas and melons are very healthy fruits but when you have diabetes you have to be very careful with these because they are rich in sugar and may influence your health condition.

– Avoid coffee with sugar and milk, consume it raw if you really love it.

– Processes meat is bad for everyone not just people with diabetes because of the sodium. You can replace it in your sandwiches with spinach, mustard or cucumbers.

– Alcohol should be reduced to minimum, only for special occasion you can have a glass of wine or a beer and nothing more than that. It is known that alcohol raises the sugar in your blood so it’s time to quit it.

– Soda drinks and fruit juice that contains a lot of sugar is also not an option for diabetics, instead you can have a sparkling water with some natural flavor.

– Always read the nutritional value label on the cereal box before you buy them. Many of them contain high amounts of sugar and can do more harm than good for your health.