People usually avoid eating eggs because they are warned that the eggs contain cholesterol. This is the alert from the health organizations about eggs and avocado, coconut oil, but they are wrong! Medical experts say that when you eat food rich in cholesterol than the liver productivity is decreasing.

 So, when you eat eggs it doesn’t mean that the level of cholesterol will increase,  it means that it will be replaced by other type.

But eating eggs is very important because the egg yolk contains a lot of healthy nutrients like iron and calcium and the egg white is very rich in proteins!

These are some of the reasons why you have to eat eggs:

1. Breakfast is the most important meal so we recommend taking one egg, medium size because it has 6 grams of proteins and other useful nutrients but no vitamin C. It gives you the feel of fullness. Combine it with a glass of orange juice and whole grain bread and you will have a complete breakfast.

2. Egg is rich in heme iron, a type of iron that is most usable and absorbable from all foods, even better than some iron supplements. The iron caries the oxygen in the blood and it is essential to our immune system. So if you feel tired or have a headache as a result of iron deficiency in your body, make sure to eat more eggs.

3. Eggs contain numerous healthy nutrients that make them important part of any kind of diet. People who eat eggs have 20 – 30 % more of vitamins A, E and B12 than the people who don’t. They are extremely important for our health so start eating more eggs now.

4. Couple of decades back, the eggs had a bad reputation as products with high cholesterol level. But eggs don’t have any connection with coronary diseases. It is very important to have In mind that foods rich in saturated trans fatty acids have bad impact on your health not eggs. Eggs are healthy source of protein and iron and they are not expensive at all.

5. Eggs can help in losing weight. They have high satiety index and give you a feeling of fullness. You will feel fuller if you eat an egg and a toast for breakfast than regular cereal meal.

6. Eggs are rich in choline. Choline is a nutrient which improves the brain development in the fetuses and newborns and memory function at the old people. Pregnant women should eat at least 2 eggs a day to complement the choline requirement, because one egg contains 28% of a pregnant woman needs.

7. Eggs are full with antioxidants and numerous other healthy nutrients. They are packed with lutein and zeaxanthin. These are carotenoid vitamins which are extremely important for our vision. If you regularly consume eggs, spinach and broccoli you will lower the risk of cataracts, retinal degeneration and age related lens. Also you can reduce the risk of blindness at older people up to 40%. This carotenoid vitamin improves the night vision, reducec the risk of cataracts and protects your eyes from the sunlight.

8. Eggs are richest in proteins and they are first with the rating of 100 in front of the milk 93, meat and fish 75. One egg has almost the same amount of proteins like 30 grams of meat. It is the best source of protein that we get from the food, because human body derives nine amino acids from the diet. Amino acids are building the proteins which are used to build new muscles tissues and repair the old ones.

9. Calcium in our organism can be absorbed only with the help of vitamin D that we usually get from the sun. But eggs are full with vitamin D that helps to maintain our bone health. So it is very important to eat eggs in order to prevent the osteoporosis.

10. Eggs are full with vitamin B12, vitamin A, zinc and sulfur all essential for hair growth and healthy nails. So you should consume more eggs to improve the quality of your nails and hair.

Include eggs in your diet and you will have positive benefits from them.3 eggs daily are enough for a healthy person to stay in balance.