Arthritis, corns, overlapping toes, heel spurs, athlete’s foot and many more can cause foot pain. And because the bones in the body are connected to each other this pain can be transferred to some other part of the body too. So it is very important to eliminate the foot pain in order to keep your body healthy.

Even the ancient Chinese reflexology says that the feet are the hub of entire body.

So many people has realized that and tried different treatments for healing their feet like foot baths and detoxification, but stretches are the best for them.

Here are some stretches that can be done in 5 minutes:

-Start from toe lifting. Place you bare feet on the ground and try to lower the big toe and move others up. Repeat this step with both feet for five times.

-Now stand on your feet and raise in the same time the big toe and the smallest one. Make this stretch five times with your left and right foot.

-You can use any ball as size of a tennis ball as a requisite for the next stretch. Put the ball under your foot and roll it with a little pressure. Do this for a minute on each foot. When you are done, stretch your toes upwards and downwards for five times.

– For the next stretch you should sit down on the floor with straight legs and toes pointing up. With your hands push and pull the toes gently. Do this at the same time with both feet.

– Now stand up and lean your weight to the outside of the foot and then transfer it to the inside part of the foot. Roll your feet from the outside to the inside in a standing position for 10 times.

– At the end place your feet over a leg chair or a big pillow in a position of floating in order to relax them. Then stretch them by pressing the toes towards the floor. Stay like this for 2 minutes.

Here are some tips for healthy feet:

-Always wear comfortable and breathable shoes; even they can’t be always modern and functional at the same time, but chose by priority.

– Detoxify your feet with the Epsom salts.

– Yoga can help to restore the balance because all its exercises are based on feet.

– Walk barefoot whenever you have an opportunity for this.

– For more serious damages or diabetics please consult a specialist!