Working out regularly is essential for the general health of your mind and body. Combined with healthy eating regimen and lifestyle it will provide happier and fulfilled life for everyone.

So if you haven’t started exercising yet, it is the right time to begin your one month trial and lose some excess weight and in the same time to sculpture your body.


Follow this plan of five exercises and improve your overall health.

Exercises are divided in two workout sessions. Remember to have a rest for 15 seconds after each exercise.

1. First session is consisted of:

  • 1 minute Plank
  • 2 minutes Squats
  • 1 minute Bird dog
  • 1 minute rising hips from lying position
  • 1 minute Plank
  • 1 minute Push ups
  • 2 minutes Squats
  • 2. Second session is consisted of:
  • 3 minutes Plank
  • 3 minutes Bird dog
  • 3 minutes rising hips from lying position
  • 1 minute Push ups

Here is a description of the exercising positions:

1. For shoulders strengthening and ripped abdominal muscles, Planks are perfect.

To do this efficiently first you need to get down to the floor and put your body in a straight position like for doing push- ups, but your elbows have to be bend in 90 degrees angle. Now, freeze, don’t move your butt or waist as longer as possible.

2. For core strengthening and faster burning of fats Squats are ideal way to achieve that.

You should spread the feet as the width of your shoulders and extend your arms in front of you. Now, slowly bend your knees with straight back until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Then return in the beginning position by pushing yourself upwards with the feet.

3. The following exercise, called Bird dog is great for abdominal muscles and for strengthening the lower back.

Take a position on the floor standing on the hands and knees. Then stretch the right leg and left arm in the same time and stay in this position without moving for 10 seconds. Then switch sides and hold it!

4. Push- ups are well known exercises for strengthening the whole body.

First you should lie down facing towards the floor with your hands under the shoulders. Then push your body upwards without moving the back, legs and buttock.

5. For strengthening the hamstrings, back, gluteus muscles and abdominal muscles, rising of hips in lying position is excellent exercise.

Start this from a lying position on the floor with flat feet touching the ground and bended knees. Then push up by rising your hips to angle of 45 degrease and down again, up and down.

Take a Look at the 4-Week Exercise Plan. This plan contains two basic workouts:

Here is the working out plan for one month:

– Start your week with the first workout session and continue the next day with the second workout session alternately until day 7 when you have day off from exercising.

– Then start from day 8 with the second workout session and continue with the first one alternately until day 14 when you deserve a break.

– Repeat this plan for another two weeks cycle and enjoy the benefits of good working out!