Every one of us is exposed to some kind of stress on daily basis, some less some more, stress from the traffic, work, school, health and so on. All this happens due to the busy lifestyle that leads to unavoidable stress and exhauster.

We learn to live with it day by day but what happens if we are over- stressed? In order not to have any fatal consequences to our health we need to recognize the symptoms and deal with it.

Here is a list of the most common over- stressed signs.

Every day headaches as a result of eating irregularly, too much time at work, sleepless nights or lack of physical activity.

These types of headaches followed by a constant pain around the temples may weaken your heart, so you have to look for a medical help and of course to get back the control over your life.

Sugar cravings usually appear when you are under stress, fighting with the time to achieve the deadlines.

And then you reach for sweets and you are gaining weight, you get problems with your health and you accumulate more stress as the result of this condition. So every time you get urge for sugar, think whether it is a hunger or just a stress reaction.

Menstrual cramps as a result of hormonal imbalance are consequently appearing because of the stress.

The women who had or didn’t have any crams before are experiencing this dreadful pain, means that they are under a heavy stress and must slow down.

A period of sleep disorder and nightmares is a signal that you should lower the stress amount in your life.

Because, if you don’t get quality sleep you won’t be able to function well and so, this drags into every pore of your life. You can recognize this also from your bed dreams that leaves you sleepless.

Dryness in your throat and mouth happens when you are under pressure before any speech or public presentations.

Then the saliva in your mouth gets reduced as the result of the excess need of body fluids for the cardiac and respiratory system. Take a deep breath and always have a bottle of water next to you in cases like this.

Often visiting your doctor means that you are frequently sick due to the cortisol shortage caused by constant stress.

When your body stops producing this hormone of stress you feel fever followed by sore throat and cough. Have a rest and lower the stress level in order to feel better.