For a good flat abdomen you need to make a lot of effort and spend a lot of time. It can be in a great shape overnight. It requires a lot of effort, dieting and exercising to get flat stomach.

And that’s not only exercising, but you have to exercise in a right manner and do the right exercises if you want to get rid of the abdominal fat. Like physical activity, proper diet is essential in the process of losing abdominal fat.

Cakes and candies are most of people’s favorite treats, but they are your enemies if you want to have a slim figure and flat abdomen. For the perfect body shape you must exercise and eat healthy food.

According to the experts in this field in order to lose fat and weight you must avoid the following food products and in a short time you will be able to have a good body figure.

Stop consuming dairy products because they cause gases and bloating. Most people think that dairy products especially milk provides your body with useful nutrients but if you want fat free abdomen than stay away from this.

In case you have to eat dairy products take yoghurt, not milk.

• You must avoid coffee, alcohol, refined sugar and processed foods because they help in forming abdominal fat. So keep yourself further from these products and you will stop the fat building up.

Salt and hot spices are unnecessary when it comes to the matter of loosing fat and weight.

These cause bloating irritation and discomfort. So avoid, especially salt as much as you can.

Food rich in carbohydrates won’t help you in the process of fat elimination.

Bread, pasta and sweets are loaded with carbs which are obstacles in the weight losing process. While dieting, you should eat food packed with proteins not carbs.

• Choose fruit like citrus fruits instead of apples and pears, because they are rich in fibers and provides your body with energy.