Nowadays everyone is aware of the healthy benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. This is important not just for the physical but for the mental wellbeing too. It is known that fruits and vegetables, whole grains, avoiding sweets and soda and doing physical exercises are basis for your overall health.

But still there are many people who cannot resist the processed food in the supermarkets. And all that come to one packed food without any nutritional value, less variety and food focused on rice, soy, wheat and corn.


We have reached the top so it is write time to change something and start considering the food as medicine.

It is very useful when you know how to combine ingredients or what ingredient to choose in order to have health benefit from it.

Here are some suggestions how to help yourself with some natural remedies from your kitchen:

– Ginger against pain in muscles, joints and swelling. Due to its compounds called gingerols it will alleviate the pain. Only one teaspoon of died ginger a day is enough to accomplish this.

– Chew a clove to relieve your tooth ache. It contains eugenol, a compound that is very strong anesthetic. Clove regulates the blood sugar and lowers the high level of cholesterol in couple of weeks too you only need to add a quarter of teaspoon in your meals.

– Cure an earache with garlic in a fast and efficient way. Due to its compounds selenium and sulfur the pain caused by bacteria will disappear. Prepare this remedy by boiling 3 garlic cloves with half a cup olive oil for few minutes.

Let it cool a little bit and when it is warm add two drops of this garlic oil in your infected ear. You can store the garlic oil in fridge for two weeks.

– Apple cider vinegar is perfect for healing heart burn in just one day. It contains tartaric and malic acids that will aid your digestion. You need only one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in one cup of water before meals to prevent the heartburn pain.

– Eating a bowl of cherries every day will keep you save from headaches and arthritis. They contain anthocyanins, a mighty anti-inflammatory agent, considered to be 10 times more powerful than ibuprofen and aspirin.

– Cure your tummy problems with fish. Half a kilo of fish in a week is enough to alleviate the irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and indigestion.

And for the best results take fish like trout, salmon, herring, sardines, tuna and mackerel. They reduce belly pain, inflammation and cramping due to their powerful DHA with anti inflammatory characteristics.

– Drink yoghurt to prevent PMS. Most of the women experience PMS because their nervous system is more sensitive and can’t stand up the change of the progesterone and estrogen levels in the organism every month.

Calcium can calm the nervous system and we can find it in great amount in the yoghurt. Take two glasses of yoghurt couple of days before your period in order to relieve PMS.

– Turmeric is great for chronic pain. It is 3 times more helpful than ibuprofen and by the researchers it reveals the chronic pain down to 50 percent at patients with fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Curcumin is its active compound that disables the enzymes which produce pain hormones. Add turmeric in your daily meals, 1 quarter of teaspoon is enough to add in rice, poultry meat or vegetables.

– Oats don’t contain gluten and are perfect for relieving pain caused by endometriosis. Have a diet rich in oats and reduce this pain up to 60 percents.

– Salt water bath will help you get rid of the infections on your feet in just couple of days. Salt has power to destroy the germs that cause swelling and pain due to its anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

It is simple to make a salt bath for your feet. Just soak your feet in warm water mixed with two tablespoons of salt for half an hour.

– Pineapple juice will prevent digestive upsets and relieve the bloating in only 3 days due to its enzymes.

– Peppermint is good for muscle cramping. It has a power to relax muscles. Just add ten drops of peppermint oil in warm water and soak your legs.

– Take care for your back with some grapes. Eat a full cup of grapes every day and relax your back. It will improve the blood flow and repair the damaged tissues by supplying them with nutrients and oxygen.

– Potassium deficiency causes leg cramps which can be very painful. Tomatoes are rich in potassium and will help you relieve the leg cramps. Drink 300 ml of potassium rich tomato juice every day and lower the risk of cramps.

– Boost the effectiveness of migraine pain killers with coffee. The caffeine will stimulate the absorption of the drugs faster.

– Flax seed will ease the breast soreness due to its compounds called phytoestrogens. Take them on daily bases simply sprinkled on yoghurt, smoothies or oatmeal.

– Honey is cure for all inflammations, viruses so it will help you to get rid of the painful mouth sores.

– Blueberries fights against bladder infections. Take one cup of blueberries every day and get rid of the infections in the urinary tract. Their compound tannin will wrap around the problem causing bacteria and save you from an infection.

– One teaspoon two times a day of horseradish will improve the work of your sinuses. It will help them to drain better, improve the blood flow in them and relieve the facial pain in just a short time.

– Drink a lot of water, about 2 liters a day to relieve all pain injuries.