Incense is a precious resin from the Boswellia sacra tree that grows in Yemen, Oman, Ethiopia and Somalia. It’s got a huge significance in baptizing and it is used with centuries in medicine for many diseases. The color and quality of this resin varies from silver to brown.

The oil of incense is known as Frankincense oil- helps regeneration of cells, regeneration of skin, it heals wounds, ulcers, and caries. It can be used for urological and gynecological problems and it is believed that lowers the risk of womb tumor.

It is considered to be the most powerful natural essential oil. The Frankincense oil is derivate by steam distillation of the resin and it got great therapeutic value.

Here are some examples from personal experience of the Frankincense oil holders

1. Frankincense oil over other essential oil is used to enhance that oil’s properties and help the oils penetrate deeper into the cells

2. Lavender oil and Frankincense oil are a great combination for cuts, scrapes and burns.

3. It makes the nervous system to function better, clears your thoughts and makes you deal the emotions in a better way. If you rub it on your neck when feel stressed, it can help you feel calm and relax.

4. Scars can fade faster if daub with frankincense oil.

5. Frankincense can help you to have a better memory.

6. You can use a couple of drops to your day facial cream for aging skin.

7. Frankincense oil can be used to relieve the headache.

8. Fill up the bowl with hot (not boiling) water and put a couple of drops I it, then place your face over the bowl with a towel over your head to inhale the steam. It will relief your breathing channels.

9. Frankincense oil is good for swelled joints. Just rub it before going to bed.

10. Apply one drop a couple of times a day until the moles, warts and skin tags disappear.

11 .Rub the Frankincense oil onto each side of your eyes in order to get clear vision and make you stay focused.

12. This oil is useful in preventing bad breath, toothaches, cavities and other infections.