Everyone who takes care about their health knows for sure that the microwave isn’t an option when preparing meals. It is dangerous and causes many health issues which is enough for the people who are aware of its harmfulness to never use microwave again.

When you cook in a microwave oven, all the nutrition from your food will zap and it will nuke your heart.

It was invented while the Second World War was in progress by the Nazis. They needed something to prepare the meals for the soldiers during the invasion of the Soviet Union.


But when Russians found out that they are very dangerous, they stopped using them and actually banned the microwaves in Russia. But they were never forbidden in United States.

Microwave ovens just like WiFi routers work on average frequency of radiation 2. 4 GHz. This has negative impact on your heart and its rate variability.

This frequency is enough to make severe changes to the function of the heart and put your health in serious danger. So the more you use microwave the more exposed you are to this harmful radiation of 2. 4 GHz. Scientists over decades make researches about the negative impact of the microwave radiation on human health.

Considering the facts, everyone who is affected by the radiation of 2.4 GHz for 3 minutes can have terrible results on the heart’s health; alteration in heart rate, palpitation, fluctuation of the parasympathetic nervous system, red blood cells clumping, changes in the heart and in the way of responding to the stress.

These are all symptoms of rapid aging syndrome and EHS (electro hypersensitivity).

Maybe this won’t be that dangerous if the microwave is the only electrical utensil in your home which produces radiation.

It perhaps won’t have fast biological impact if there weren’t all the other technological devices emitting electromagnetic radiation like cell phones, routers, laptops and more around us every day.

There is a study that shows the rapid changes in variability of the heart rate induced by the microwaves.

The team of biochemistry experts led by Dr. Hertel, examined the impact of microwaves over human physiology and their blood. The results were stunning.

Microwaves reduce the red blood cells, leukocytes, level of hemoglobin and increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. All these negative effects on your health can lead to even greater complications.

So is it worth to continue using the microwave for cooking? No. Stay healthy even if it takes little longer to prepare your meals in a conventional oven.

Always prepare fresh ingredients so you can get all essential nutrients from them. Throw your microwave and save your brain and heart from nuke.