Probably you already have Aloe Vera plant at your home or at least you have heard about its health benefits. For those who own aloe you should cut out one leaf or for the others to go and buy it.

You will need the leaves to freeze its gel and to learn most of its uses in everyday life. Why is it important to freeze aloe?


First, because it will be available and ready to use at any time; second, this way you will conserve all beneficial ingredients from this miraculous plant.

So if you had any experience with extracting aloe gel from the leaf you certainly have noticed its gelatin texture slipping in your hands. This is what you need to prepare a remedy as first aid or even medicinal purpose.

For preparation you will need: spoon, knife, one big Aloe Vera leaf and ice cubes container.

– First you have to remove the top of the leaf with a knife. Than collect the gel with a spoon and put it in the ice cubes mold and straight to the freezer.

This is practical way to store aloe gel and if you want to raise its efficiency then you can add couple of drops of vitamin E or lemon juice in each chamber of the mold.

Use: These miraculous cubes can be used for various purposes.

1. Roll aloe gel cube on your face to treat acne.

2. Perfect for blisters made from uncomfortable shoes.

3. If you get burn immediately and gently rub the place with aloe gel cube. It will relieve the pain and heal the skin.

4. It is also a crucial ingredient in combination with some other to prepare a homemade facial mask.

5. Prepare your favorite shake plus one aloe gel cube to relieve the constipation. Or you can add one cube in a hot water and drink it after it melts with some lemon juice or honey. After few days you will feel the difference.