Bronchitis followed by a chronic cough can be very annoying thing for adults and children too. Even the conventional medicine is powerless sometimes when it comes to this state of your health. But there is no reason to worry about that anymore.

We have the recipe for a new natural remedy. It is made of one of the most natural, oldest and powerful throat soother that cleans up the lungs and removes cough and bronchitis in very short time.

This remedy is made of 100% natural honey known as a food with mighty properties including bananas and it is very useful for adults and children too. It’s got great taste and helps in bad cough, bronchitis and stomach problems.

Here is the recipe for this miraculous drink:


• 400 ml water
• 2 soft bananas with black dots
• 2 tablespoons of honey

How to prepare it:

First, put the water in a pot and let it boils. Than peel the bananas and squash them with a fork. Use wooden utensils not metal because the bananas will darken in the contact with metal. After this put the bananas in the boiling water and let them rest for half an hour.

At the end when this mixture is cold add the honey. Mind that the honey mustn’t be added in the hot water because it will lose its properties.

How to consume it:
Divide this drink in four equal dosages, about hundred milliliters each. Drink it 4 times a day. Prepare it every morning to be fresh and you will feel the results in 5 days.

You will find this remedy very beneficial and healthy!