Stretch marks appear on the skin due to the loss of elasticity. They look like scars and usually can appear on the arms, abdomen, breasts and gluteus.

Maybe you already have stretch marks or you are a mommy or mommy to be, maybe you suddenly lost or gain some weight, just follow these five tips on how to get rid of those scaring marks.

1. Lemon juice– lemons are great natural remedies for many ailments and are great for reducing the look of stretch marks. All you need to do is cut one lemon in half and squeeze the juice only from the half and put the rest away.

Rub the lemon on the sides or the spots where the stretch marks are and leave it for ten minutes. The acid at lemon will help you efficiently remove the stretch marks.

2. Organic extra virgin olive oil– The reason why to use this oil is that it contains a lot of vitamin E which helps softening your skin and efficiently reduces the look of stretch marks.

3. Egg whites– Egg whites are known as a natural remedy for oily facial skin, oily scalp or hair. All you need to do is just beat two egg whites together and apply them on the stretch marks.

Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse the skin. Do this once a week and in a month you will notice some differences.

4. Eco- erase natural body oil– This oil is a mix of sunflower oil, olive oil, hazelnut oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, lavender oil and mandarin oil. Just rub this mix of oils on the stretch marks and soon you will see the difference.

5. Bio- oil– This oil is amazing for scars, stretch marks, aging skin, dehydrated skin and for pregnant moms in preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Rub it gently on the affected area and soon your skin marks will disappear.

Have in mind those older stretch marks which are whitish in color, are little bit harder to remove completely but those pinkish or red are a lot more easier to fully distort.