When dieting, the point is not just to lose weight but to take control over your health. Have you noticed lately that you are doing physical exercising and eating less in the same time and still not getting the wanted results? Than it is the right time to reconsider the food that you take and try to exclude the following ingredients in order to achieve the wanted results.

– On the first place of the pallet of enemy drinks are soda and diet soda. They are very rich in sugar, actually they are made of water, sugar and some artificial color. And guess what, instead of going down you will go up on the scale when measured, what a disappointment, all due to the soda.

– Oh, sugar, avoid it in all types, colors and shapes. The good one is the natural one we get from the fresh fruit. If you have to sweeten your coffee or tea you can use organic honey or stevia.

– Margarine is packed with trans- fats which are unhealthy and harmful for your organism. Those unsaturated fats are truly damaging your heart causing high levels of bad cholesterol. Exclude it from your life and protect yourself from this evil. If you want to you can replace it with butter but in small amounts.

– Consume fresh salads seasoned with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Himalayan salt, a better option than Bottled dressings for salads which are rich in sodium. Sodium can cause heart diseases, high blood pressure and bloating.

– Delicatessen meat is also on this list due to its highly content of saturated fats and nitrates. These ingredients lead to heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Eat food reach in proteins like fresh fish, chicken and turkey and from legumes it is the best to eat lentils and beans.

– Popcorn isn’t the best option when dieting but Microwave popcorn is the one that is the worst type of choice. It contains some artificial flavorings which can cause lung disease like bronchiolitis. It is high in calories, about 600 in one bag and also packed with unhealthy fats.

– All those cookies, crackers, pretzels and chips which come in a bag are full with refined carbs whose outcome is already known to everybody, hungriness and exhauster. It is better to eat bran loaf than all those white flour rich in carbohydrate products.

– Donuts are worst option for breakfast. They are packed with sugar and their glycemic index is very high. Replace them with fresh fruit, oats or whole grain bread.

Follow this advice and you will lose weight more effectively and fast and by excluding these foods from your eating regimen in general you will improve your overall health condition.