The first link between the Alzheimer’s and raised level of sugar in the blood has been recently discovered in the University of Bath. Researchers from this university agree that sugar ravages the brain, which was proven in this study.

This actually refers to the inflammation response when the important enzyme gets damaged by the high level of blood sugar and disabled insulin regulation.


This act is called tipping point of the molecules or it means that Alzheimer’s is very likely to be impelled by excess amount of sugar in the blood.

This crucial enzyme is called MIF which is damaged at people with Alzheimer’s in the process of glycation or known as increased sugar consumption. In normal conditions this enzyme will protect the brain from abnormal protein deposition.

But if it is damaged by the glucose it becomes incapable to be part of the immune response thus triggering Alzheimer’s disease.

Maybe it sounds weird but if you think deeply Alzheimer’s disease can be diabetes type 3 as some people use to call it. It has a lot in common with your eating regimen.Too much sugar has great impact on your brain thus making a firm connection with this disease.

This is very concerning and alerting at the same time. Besides the fact that sugar is responsible for excess weight it can also have negative impact on your brain functions. So next time think about its rotting affect on your brain before consuming it.

Research: Scientific Reports

Reference: Big Think