Grape seeds are the most powerful natural ingredients against the fight with this deadly disease. They have mighty anti- cancer properties because they contain great anti cancer compounds.

And this was recently backed up in a study that confirmed that the extract from grape seeds can even be more efficient in killing cancer cells than any chemotherapy treatment.

Actually the efficiency of the grape seed extract is greater if the cancer is in an advanced phase. The extract from the grape seed destroys cancer cells which can’t be killed by the chemotherapy. It also preserves the healthy ones at the same time.

The explanation from the experts is that the extract from grape seeds makes oxidative stress which causes death for the cancer cells. This situation is known as apoptosis (programmed death of cells).

This grape seed extract kills those cells too which has become drug resistant or chemotherapy resistant. Patients can feel better with small amount of this extract that works amazing in order to destroy cancer.

All you need to make this cure at home is:

  • 250 grams of grape seed
  • a glass jar with a wooden lid
  • a clean towel

How to prepare it:

First put the grape seeds in a fine strainer and wash them with water. Then lay the towel on the table and pour the seeds on the towel in order to absorb the water. Spread them on the towel and let them dry for 3 days.

After this gather them in a pile and grind them well with the pestle over the towel. Now put the powder in the glass jar and store it in a dark and cool place.

Use this mixture 3 times a day by adding 1 tablespoon in a glass of water. You can add it in a fresh juice too.

Consume it regularly for three months and then make a break of 2 before you continue with this amazing cure.