In the past gray hair was considered to be one of the signs of aging but this natural process of graying nowadays can be noticed not only at adults but teenagers too. The process of graying at younger ages is actually something that is on alarming level.

These problem is a result of various imbalance situations of our organism like hyper and hypothyroidism, poor nutrition diet, hormonal imbalance, genetic disorder, blowing your hair with electrical dryer and of course radiation and chemotherapy.

There are numerous hair dying products on the market and yes, they are very successful in covering your gray hair.

But, on the other hand they are packed with chemicals which damage your hair.

Also using some commercial hair products can damage your hair too and leave it dry and flat. We recommend eating nutritious food and of course to try this remedy made of natural products without any harsh chemicals.

The amazing remedy that we are going to present now is made just out of two ingredients: :

  • lemon juice
  • coconut oil

As it is said above, the commercial hair products can make your hair dry and flat, but this remedy has a lot of benefits to your hair besides giving back its natural color.


3 spoons of lemon juice– because it is rich in vitamins C, B and significant amount of phosphorus that gives your hair the essential nourishing components and also treats the cause of the graying process.

Coconut oil –because it is very good for your hair and skin. It is mighty anti- microbial substance rich in medium chained fatty acids. These properties are extremely beneficial for reversing the natural color to your hair.


It isn’t complicated at all. Just mix the coconut oil with the lemon juice and apply the remedy on your hair and rub it on your scalp by gently massaging it.

Keep your hair like this for couple of hours and then rinse. Use mild shampoos and repeat this step once a week.

Besides the amazing results of returning the natural hair color back, you will get rid of the dandruff too.