Blueberries are considered to be super food because of their antioxidant properties and because they are packed with nutrients which help in cases with memory loss and help with the functions of the brain. So it is always good to have them in your daily diet.

There were some studies conducted for the impact of blueberries on the brain functions and a study from 2012 says that only one serving of blueberries in a week is capable of slowing down the cognitive decrease.

Also, there is a study dating from 2013 conducted on laboratory mice which showed that the toxic proteins accumulated in the brain are cleaned by the blueberries.

Blueberries are packed with vitamin C, K and manganese but very low in calories so it is great to include them in your everyday diet. But it is not always easy to find them fresh in the supermarkets if it’s not their season or they can be very expensive. You can grow them in your own garden.

Follow these 6 easy steps and you will never leave out of supplies.

1. Early spring is the ideal time to plant your blueberry bushes. Pick some nice place in your garden where it is sunny and the soil is well drained. They need a lot of watering so be sure that the spot can be well drained. You can plant it in a raised bed instead of regular soil if you want to.

2. Make holes 20 inches in depth and about 18 inches in width. The minimum space between the bushes should be 6 feet. Fertilize the soil around the blueberries 4 weeks after the planting. Don’t use redwood rind or cedar.

3. It is very important to maintain the moist so water the plant frequently with a lot of water.

4. Mulch the blueberries right after they are plant. Cover the ground with saw dust, wood chips, pine needles or acid tripe. Be sure that their roots get all the nutrients they need. Replace this mulching material every year.

5. In order to grow healthy and strong prune your blueberry bushes. Winter is the best season for that. Cut out dead shoots and flowers and clip off discolored and short branches

6. Blueberries will be ready for harvesting at the end of July or beginning of August. They are ready to be picked up when if you touch them they fall in your hand. Within the years the blueberry production will grow so can store them in the freezer.

This way you will always have fresh super food in your home.