Hair is one of the most noticeable and of course important thing when the physical appearance comes to question. So we spend a lot of time and money on the various hair treatments to make our hair looks better.

But aren’t you tired of all those inefficient hair products and expensive treatments. Now it’s time to try an alternative way of dealing with your hair.

Hair loss is one of the main problems with the hair as a result of a stress, hormonal changes and by the newest researches the food.

The average hair number at adult person is between one hundred thousand and one hundred fifty thousand hairs. These hairs fall and grow in a cycle. And if a person has a diet poor with nutrients, he or she can experience more hair loss than someone who has nutrients rich meals.

The experts say that the normal hair loss is between 60 and 100 hairs a day and if this number is surpassed you will have the reason to be concerned.

We will present you a natural remedy against hair loss that doesn’t cost much, it is quick and efficient.

This recipe is affordable and doesn’t have any side effects. What is more important, it is very effective against hair loss and even stimulates the hair grow.


  • half of a medium sized banana
  • one table spoon of 100% natural honey
  • a yolk from one egg and 100 ml. of beer

How to prepare it:

First beat the egg yolk and then add the mashed banana and the rest of the ingredients. Mix until it gets homogeneous mixture.

Then apply it on your scull especially where the hair loss is more vivid. Cover your hair with an old thin scarf and leave it for couple of hours. After that wash your hair as you usually do.

Repeat this once a week until the wanted results.