This looks like an unconventional way to treat pain, ache or tiredness but it is a very well know way of treatment in reflexology. It is a method for placing clothespins on different spots on your ear.

There are 6 spots on your ears that completely cover the reflex map of our bodies and correspond with the central nervous system.


They are connected with the organs and if you stimulate those spots on your ears you can kick the organs to release more health benefits.

Try this interesting method of placing clothespins on your ears for 5 seconds and you will feel renewed, more energized with less pain and tiredness.

1. Place a clothespin on the earlobe to improve your heart health and relieve headaches and migraines. This spot is directly connected to the heart and head.

2. To reduce the stomach pain and aid digestion place a clothespin just above the earlobe. This spot is associated with the digestion and by stimulating it you will prevent the digestion discomfort.

3. For sinuses and throat pinch the lower- middle part of the ear. This will release your stuffy nose and you will have a good night sleep.

4. The upper- middle part of the ear is connected to the joints. By pinching this spot you will relieve the pain in your joints and relax from the working day.

5. The spot on the top of the ear’s curve is associated with the organs. So, every time you feel discomfort on tenderness inside your body, place a clothespin on this spot to relax.

6. The built-up tension in the back and shoulders can be easily removed just by pinching the uppermost part of the ear for a minute every day.