Face mapping is a well known Chinese technique for detection of some dysfunctions in our bodies greatly accepted in the western medicine due to its accuracy. Its principles are based on both Chinese and Ayurveda medical practices.

Our face is a mirror of our inner state and every time something is wrong with our health it can be shown on the face usually in the shape of acne as indicators of the problem.

Our bodies are very complex, smart and capable of finding their ways to show us that some function isn’t working properly.

Here are some detailed descriptions of possible health issues that can be seen on your face as acne supported by dermatologists:

1. Acne on your forehead indicate drought in your body. The lack of water is directly connected with the poor digestion thus leading to toxins deposit in the organism. In order to clean your body from all toxins and clean your face in the same time, make sure to drink a lot of water regularly and immediately exclude caffeine and fizzy drinks from your refreshment list. You can try green tea for faster and incredible results.

2. Acnes concentrated on the T- zone are indicating something more serious like dysfunction of the liver. Usually patients who suffered from cancer on the liver or are alcoholics have red noses.

3. Acnes around the eyes are again connected with the lack of water but this time they are indicating some kidney’s dysfunction.

4. The pimples on the top of your cheeks are usually result of the bacterial infection of the skin caused by rubbing the chick on a dirty pillow or from the cell phone. Also they are directly linked to some lung disorder due to inhalation of polluted air.

5. Problems with the gums and poor dental hygiene can be visible in the lower cheeks in shape of red pimples. So, you have to floss and brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day and for sure quit sugary drinks!

6. Acnes on your nose indicate that your heart works under pressure. Check your blood pressure and you will find it very high. In this case the smartest option is to start a diet with lots of fresh veggies and fruits without sugary drinks and excessive amount of salt.

7. If you notice some pimples on your ears it’s got something in common with the dehydration and kidneys function. Immediately start consuming fresh water and lower the salt intake.

8. Acnes on the chin area indicate problems with the small intestine and digestion. To put everything back in order avoid oily foods and dairy products. Switch to fresh veggies and fruits to avoid the skin issues.