This is a true story about an old man in his eighties who was told by the doctors that after the heart problems he had only 13 % of his heart is working. And the heart never rests, but what will happen if it stops? Then you are in trouble.

He had to take various medications about his heart problems so these medicaments led him to more health disorders.

Additionally he had problems with his kidney but he was informed that nothing further could be done to make him feel better. His family was devastated and scared that he might die. This old man was disappointed too.

He had hard times urinating, he went pale and weak day by day, he was in very bad shape and pain. He was put on a palliative treatment. Few days after, he asked his grandson for a glass of carrot juice. Once he drank the juice he felt slightly better. He started to urinate and had very little appetite.

He continued drinking carrot juice three times a day and noticed changes for better. He felt more energized, the color on his face got back to normal, and his urine cleared up. Within a week his blood pressure started to normalize too.

Doctors were normally surprised and released him from hospital. The old man feels healthier now and he is in a very good shape. All thank to the carrot juice.

Carrots are packed with nutrients that satisfy the recommended dosage of vegetables by the US department of Agriculture. Carrots are good for kidney diseases, cancer, heart diseases and obesity. They are very rich in vitamins A, C and K.

High level of vitamin A in your organism helps you in preventing heart disease. It stops ventricular walls to thicken and blocks the stress response so the level of heart failure becomes very low.

One cup of carrot juice if full of vitamin C and provides 10 % of the daily recommended dose of this vitamin. Thus, reduces the risk of heart- related disease and developing coronary heart disease.

Excessive blood clotting is dangerous for your heart, so in order to prevent it take great amounts of vitamin K that you can find it in carrots.