Garlic is considered to be a super food due to its healing properties. Besides its great flavor, garlic offers many health benefits. It is without any doubts one of the healthiest foods in the world and main ingredient in numerous remedies.

That is why it is important to have garlic in your kitchen all the time, fresh and organic.

These are the top 3 garlic properties that will make you grow garlic in your garden:

1. Garlic is rich in vitamins B6 and C. It contains manganese, calcium, selenium and potassium in great amounts. These are mighty compounds that will supply your body with the necessary nutrients. And it is low in calories, only 40 per serving.

2. Garlic is number one remedy against common cold because it strengthens the immune system and fights the illness. And not just that, with regularly consuming in your daily meals it reduces the risk of catching cold or getting sick up to 60 percent. So if you are prone to catching cold, include fresh garlic in your diet.

3. If you have problem with high blood pressure than garlic can be very beneficial for this condition. It helps in maintaining your cardiovascular health, and if it is regularly consumed, it lowers the risk of heart diseases and reduces the bad cholesterol.

In order to have the garlic always fresh at home it is the best to grow it by yourself.

Follow these six easy steps:

1. Take a pot that is 20 cm deep and have holes for drainage. Fill it with loose and damp soil. When the garlic is planted, put the pot near direct sunlight, maybe near the kitchen window.

2. Take the garlic head and break it into cloves (about 15 in one garlic head).

3. Plant the garlic cloves with the pointed side upwards, 10 cm deep and 10 cm away from each other.

4. Water the garlic with sprinkling the water and be careful, the soil shouldn’t be too wet. Even though the garlic doesn’t need a lot of water you mustn’t allow the soil to get very dry.

5. When the garlic sprouts, cut off the flowers and leaves that take the growing energy of the head.

6. When the garlic is ready to harvest (usually about 8 months) you will notice 5 or 6 green leaves turning brown.

Then it is ready to pull it up. Let it dry for a week in a cool and dark place and now it is ready to use!