Beetroot is a plant that has powerful healing properties because it is packed with vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, saponins, iodine, chlorine, flavonoids, calcium, betaine and sodium. It also contains natural nitrites and it’s got high hypoallergenic properties.

Beetroot improves the function of the organs and it is one of the best cleaners of kidneys, lymph and gallbladder. Beetroot was much appreciated ingredient since ancient times.

Even they didn’t know its chemical compounds then, they could actually feel much better when consuming beetroot.

It was commonly used from the Greeks and Romans for lowering the body temperature and many other diseases.

Nowadays we use this amazing vegetable packed with nutrients for anemia, sleeping issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, atherosclerosis, thyroid disorders and for boosting our immune system.

The only thing that sometimes can be unpleasant is the red color in urine.

Here is a list of the most common benefits of the beet root:

– Beetroot improves the blood flow to the brain due to its nitrates. When nitrates come to the mouth they meet mouth bacteria and change into nitrites and thus improve the blood flow.

– Betaine is one of the main compounds in beetroot. It helps in maintaining the liver function and leaves it clean and healthy.

– Beetroots, especially red ones are packed with iron that helps the red blood cells to regenerate fast. So, you can easily treat menopause symptoms or menstrual disorders with this special vegetable.

– Beetroot juice promotes the regeneration of new cells and as it is said in some studies, it has mighty anti- tumor properties. So it might be used in preventing or even treating cancer.

– In order to reduce your blood pressure take 2 glasses of beetroot juice every day. This vegetable is rich in nitrates, responsible for lowering blood pressure.

– Boost your immunity with regularly consuming beetroot fresh in a salad or as a juice because it is rich in antioxidants and fights inflammation.

– Beetroot cures constipation and helps with digestive problems because it for sure improves the metabolism.

– A lot of people use beetroot in preventing and curing anemia. It is incredibly rich in iron which regenerates the red blood cells and prevents anemia.

– For better athletic results you should regularly consume beetroot juice. It efficiently strengthens the muscles and gives you power.

– Beetroots are high in folate concentration which is powerful anti- aging compound that fights with wrinkles. So if you want your skin to be healthier and glowing, than take beetroot juice on regularly basis.

– The beetroot juice contains tryptophan and betaine. These are compounds that your mind needed to relax and treat depression. This juice improves your mood too.

– Pregnant women can moderately drink this juice because it is packed with folic acid that prevents birth defects.