Himalayan Salt lamp is good to have in your home because it is a great source of good energy, fresh and clean air in your office or for improving the health. In order to understand how this functions we must revise that everything is made of molecules.

Molecules are made of atoms consisting protons, electrons and neutrons.

Electrons (negative charge), move on an orbital path and sometimes they get off the path. This ion then steals an electron from another molecule in order to fill in the blank space from the lost electron.

This can vary from material to material because of the different structures.

Here are the benefits from the Himalayan salt lamps:

TV, laptops, cell phones are constantly radiating electromagnets (EM) that we are surrounded with.

They are invisible but the presence of that electromagnetic radiation can cause serious health problems like fatigue, weakened immunity, high stress levels and other.

Put the Himalayan salt lamp near the electrical devices because its negative ions that are emitted in the air will balance the radiation of electromagnets from the appliances.

The airborne ionized particles are the reason for static electricity in the air. The Himalayan pink salt lamp will neutralize this electricity and save you from stress, frustration and embarrassment from bad hair caused from the static electricity.

The Himalayan salt lamp purifies the air and removes the dust, pollen, smoke from the cigarettes and contaminants from the surrounding.

It is excellent for absorbing the molecules of the water from the air. With the help of the bulb inside, the water goes back in the air leaving the particles trapped in a salt crystal.

In order to improve your mood, boost the energy and even treat some seasonal affective disorders, place one Himalayan salt lamp near a source of natural light. It will generate the negative ions and resemble the warm glow of sunlight which can be effective on these situations.

The presence of a Himalayan salt lamp in the room eliminates microscopic particles from dust, mold, mildew and pet dander helping you with preventing allergy symptoms.

Even asthma patients who have this kind of lamps have great improvement after a couple of weeks. Irregular sleep is a result from the reduced oxygen in the blood caused by the exposure to positive ions in the air.

The Himalayan salt lamp generates negative ions which will help you purify the air in your bedroom and makes an atmosphere for a nice sleep. If you are bothered by the light, turn it off through the nigh if it has been on through the day.

When the lamp starts to heat it releases the purified water particles into the air. Then it absorbs the positive ions which are bed for well functioning of the lungs because the microscopic hairs from the trachea become sluggish. In that way the lamp remains the lungs clean, preventing the contaminants to enter the lungs.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter of happiness. It can be released with the help of negative ions that this lamp emits. So, it will supply the brain as other organs too with oxygen which leads to better concentration, better mood and will help you relax.

The base of the Himalayan lamp is made up from neem three and its bulb consumes small amount of energy. At the current rate the Himalayan salt will be sufficient in the following years so it is considered that the lamp is environmentally friendly.

Put the lamp in your room and you will feel its wellness in a couple of days. You will feel energized and long walks or trips won’t be problem for you anymore.

How to chose and use the Lamp

When you buy these kinds of lamps chose the suitable size by the spaciousness of the room where you plan to put it.

It means that if the room is more spacious the bigger the lamp should be. Buy larger lamp if the room is full with electrical devices.

Keep these lamps away from the places where the evaporation is high, like showers, laundry machines and dishwashers because the lamp will start melting from the humidity.

The expected results are after seven days, the time needed for generating the negative ions.